A travel

My journey until now

My personal tour

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – André Gide

I studied Communication while I was working in a dance company. 

Three years of Science of Communication and two for my master degree in Public, social and political communication. 

I moved to the city of the art for one year, studying French and Philosophy. My final thesis was: “The cretaive mind. Why do we need art?”

I worked as a Content Specialist at Yoox, a luxury fashion brand. My tasks: content management with WordPress and the CMS, translation asks to the localization team, content brand training.

I studied Web & graphic design, familiarizing with coding and Adobe Suite. I did my first websites for clients and graphic projects.

Other things about me you should know

  • I wrote a fiction book, "Occhi scuri", still on Amazon. I really loved writing it!
  • I've found my own company dance, Entropia Dance company. Take a look on Youtube
  • I have my dear, my precious, my amazing blog named Punto nemo, clicking on my italian blog